Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Own Domain

Well, I did it. Last night I took the plunge and registered I haven't built a site yet, still in the idea stage. I plan on eventually having it set up as a full-fledged e-commerce site to sell my jewelry and accessories, and probably some other things, like vintage and collectibles.

But to get it started, I will post pictures of my jewelry with the link to buy it linking to my Etsy shop. Once I get the site tweaked just the way I like it, there will be a shopping cart on it so my buyers don't have to go to any other sites.

I don't plan on closing my Etsy shop. I like Etsy because of the networking and helpfulness of the other members there. I will probably have some of the same items there that I will on my new site. This way if someone wants to buy something without registering on Etsy, they can do it this way. I have a lot of friends and friends of friends that want to buy from me but don't want to register to do it.

Wish me luck!