Thursday, November 6, 2008

Technology Failures Part 2

It isn't even Friday yet and already I'm experiencing technology failures.

This morning I wanted to add some info to my web sites, and when I got into the editor to make the changes and tried to update, the changes disappeared! No broken icon, no empty text box, NOTHING! just POOF!!

So I headed over to the trouble ticket place and submitted yet another request for help. I'm sure they're starting to get tired of hearing from me, but I'm tired of not being able to do what they promised me that I could do when I forked over the bucks to let them host my webs. I am seriously considering a move to another host.

That isn't an option I want to resort to, it's a lot of work to get a new site set up. I have this one the way I want it, but if I am going to be met with site issues everytime I try to do something, it tends to make me want to start somewhere else.

The hosting site I use now has a lot of great features, when they work. I could have my jewelry store on my own web, with a shopping cart, checkout, catalog, etc., but I am really reluctant to do that considering all the server issues it has. I don't want to worry that their server in Denver is going to take a poop and my site will be inaccessible by everyone except a small group of people in the Pacific Northwest. Right now the host site has an issue with Sprint/Nextel and another network that I have never heard of. There is a block on traffic between the two so anyone on the other side of the Sprint connection is unable to access email, web sites, etc. if they reside on my hosts server.

I am really in a quandry. I will wait til I hear back from tech support to find out what is going on. My host contract comes up for renewal in March, so if things don't improve before then, I guess I will have to bite the bullet and move my webs.

Makes me miss the old days when all you would do to advertise your wares was put handwritten notes on the windshields of cars in the local grocery store lot.

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