Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Annual Christmas Letter

Greetings to one and all,

We thought about sending out Christmas cards this year, but changed our minds. Then we thought about sending out a “newsletter” such as the ones we get from friends. You know the kind, they tell all about their year, the accomplishments of their kids, and the exciting things that happened to them throughout the year. We decided against that; all the kids are grown and on their own, we don’t go anywhere, and we don’t do much, so our letter would be so boring.

Ok, so maybe there are a few little tidbits to share.

Our main source of entertainment is our cat, Missy Dawg, or as she is affectionately known by some as “Fat Cat”. She is our alarm clock, our bed time nagger, and our watch cat. She lets us know when it is time to go to bed, such as when it is 9:00, regardless of the day of the week, by head butting our arm or whining in our face wherever we are. In the morning, she lets us know it is 5 am by being a plain pest and hitting one of us on the head with her paw until we get up. Then she goes to the alarm clock and hits it the way she sees us hit it to turn the snooze on. Only she manages to turn the sleep timer on and blare the radio. So we HAVE to react! Then she takes her place in the kitchen waiting for her treats and making sure her bowls are filled for the day. She greets us in the evening by waiting by the front door and making sure we follow her to the kitchen to give her the evening treats. And we never have to worry about squirrels or rabbits getting in; she makes sure we know they are out there. What would we do without her?

Tina and Rich are doing well in Alaska, getting settled in their new home. The twins, Kelby and Colby, were a year old in October and are growing faster than weeds. The Internet and Facebook have allowed us to see them grow from day one, their mom is very good about posting pictures. This past summer they went camping and just loved the experience!

Russ and Dee and the kids are now in a bigger place so the kids can have separate rooms and more play area outside. Sounds like a nice place and the best thing about it is they didn’t have to change schools. Jennifer is a sophomore in high school and already planning her college education. Cheyenne is in 8th grade, doing very well and anticipating high school with her older sister. Lisa is in 2nd grade and is smart as a whip; and Russell is in Kindergarten, and is a typical little boy. You have to remember he is up against three older sisters! All the kids do very well in school, all A’s and B’s.

Brian started working with a new company this year. He travels to several states in the country, some of which are Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, to name a few. His company has accounts nationwide and he covers the Midwest, but seems like he goes more than just the Midwest states, but he enjoys it.

He just moved into his own place, a condo in Yorkville. He is still furnishing it but with as much time as he is away from home, he really doesn’t need much! We gave him one of the extra Christmas trees we had, and his box of ornaments that his grandmothers have been buying for him since he was a baby, along with other ornaments and lights so he can decorate his new place. He still comes by to visit, eat, and play World of Warcraft with us. We still don’t see wedding bells in his future but that’s ok. He is enjoying his life as it is.

We both play World of Warcraft and have a lot of fun doing it. It’s cheap entertainment and at least keeps our minds active! In the summer we go camping, and just won a year’s membership to the campground we go to, along with a lot. So we don’t have to worry about where we will pitch our tent, we will have our own “place”. The campground had a few members that just abandoned their lots and trailers, and the campground took possession and will be selling them in March. We were told there are a few travel trailers that would be just perfect for the two of us that are very affordable. So we are hoping to find one and have a permanent setup as opposed to pitching a tent every time we go there. So if you are trying to find us when the weather gets warm, that’s where we will be. We can always be reached on our cell phones, if we have them “on” us. ;)

So here’s to you, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay warm and safe, and for goodness’ sake, leave Santa some cookies and eggnog!


Russ & Karen

And Fat Cat.

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