Friday, September 26, 2008

The Beginning

Hi there and welcome to my blog.
I am a grey Tabby named Missy Dawg (yes, DAWG), and the best estimates are that I am around 2 years old (probably born in the summer of 2006). I was saved from a life on the streets when I walked into the yard of my owners (or should I say STAFF?) last year around this time. It was September 21, 2007 to be exact. They tried to get me inside but I was timid at first, although I did enjoy the tuna and other treats they would leave me on the hottub cover every day.

What they didn't know was that I was "with kittens" and that was probably why my previous owners dumped me. I didn't look too bad, not too skinny, fur was clean, and I did not have any fleas! I think I was on my own for about 3 days before I settled in where I am now.

One day, not sure when, but I lost my kittens. The master of the house convinced me to let him check me out and he realized that something wasn't quite right. When the mistress of the house came home from work, they took me to the vet and he told them that I had a growth on one of my ovaries that caused the miscarriage and was also the source of an infection. This is when they decided that I belonged to them and gave me my name. Mistress called me "Missy", but master called me "Dawwwg" (he's from Missouri so he drug out the ww sound), hence the name "Missy Dawg". I don't answer to either! I was given medicine for a week, then went back to the vet and was "fixed". Didn't know I was broke, but I sure felt a lot better. I was getting tired of all those late nights of prowling around the house and howling and doing the hoochie dance. The hoochie dance is what the mistress of the house called it. I did sneak out once and they were afraid I would get hurt, but I realized how good I had it and came right back. I learned my lesson, never wandered away after that, not even when they let me outside while they worked in the yard. It was all day and I just couldn't resist, the tree was there and the birds were in it singing their little hearts out. They were calling to ME! I climbed the tree, but discovered I couldn't get down the same way, so the mistress and master's son got a ladder and rescued me. He's my HERO!
The yard was very enjoyable for me, there were many bird feeders, so you know what that means! Yep! The birds were everywhere. Pretty yellow finches, chatty sparrows, colorful wrens, and the occasional bluejay. The jays weren't very cordial, they would chase me away all the time if I got near the other birds. I didn't want to hurt them, I just wanted to see what they smelled like, maybe take a little taste. But I had no intentions of hurting them.

Anyway, now I just lay around the house and seem to be the source of amusement for anyone that is there. I recently decided that I was going to be involved in the daily activities of everyone, even though they don't seem to want me involved. I help the master and the son play their World of Warcraft game, and I help the mistress making her jewelry. Well I don't actually DO those things, I just pretend but I do sit in the middle of things and act like I know what is going on. It's fun to chase the pretty beads and shiny crystals, they sparkle and glitter and the mistress even plays with me when I knock them off her work table! At least I THINK she's playing. hmmmmm

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