Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! This was a bit of a busy weekend. Friday was the mistress' birthday so the master and the son and girlfriend showered her with gifts on Friday evening. Her son gave her a gift card to her favorite craft supply store, and the son's girlfriend gave her an assortment of glass and lampwork beads and other findings for making new jewelry. I don't have to tell you that my mistress was ecstatic! Of course the master bought her a new bottle of her favorite cologne - Ici. mmmmm sure smells goooooooooooood!

Saturday we spent the day doing the usual weekend things like laundry, cleaning, etc. Later in the day the mistress' mom and sister came over for pizza and birthday cake. They also gave her an assortment of jewelry making supplies and another gift card for her favorite craft supply store.

I did my usual prancing for attention, and all I heard was how FAT I had gotten since they last saw me. harumph!

Anyway, stay tuned for more great jewelry creations in the near future. My mistress was busy creating on Sunday and I'm sure by the end of the week she will have more items in her Etsy shop to choose from. I know she got some lampwork beads, and more glass beads in different colors; and her order of Swarovski crystals was delivered Friday so I know there will be some new things with those. The crystals are my personal favorite!

Just an afterthought, but I guess I could introduce my mistress and master and the son. I'll do another post and show you a picture of them. First I have to find the folder with the pictures in it. I know where the folder is with MY pictures in it, but I haven't found the folder with people pictures. I'll look for it after one of my naps. The rain keeps the birds from flying around my window, so I have nothing to watch---I might as well sleep!
psssst....sure wish I had thumbs, then I could make myself a beaded collar! hehehe

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