Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving Along..........

Well, here it is, a week since we "started" the move. Doing it ourselves is taking some time but we've got most of the big stuff moved. Getting the boxes into the areas where they will be unpacked is almost complete, now just to get them unpacked!

We moved to a great little town, right on the Fox River in Illinois. It's called Montgomery, population 14,470 and everyone we have met so far is just wonderful. Friendly, helpful, and just all around good people.

Lots of shopping close by, several big "malls" with anchor stores such as Best Buy, Farm & Fleet, Dicks Sporting Goods, along with the standard big box stores like Wal-Mart and KMart. Two or three large grocery stores are all within a mile of home, and there are all types of other smaller retail stores, like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, to name a few.

I also found a bead store about a mile from home, in the next town, but it looks to be a nice one. Would be nice to have something other than the usual retail suppliers to get supplies from, one that has an selection of quality beads that aren't all in prepackaged quantities. From what I saw on their web site, they have beading classes; and also do parties in the shop, such as a bridal party making jewelry for the wedding, or just a group getting together to create beaded projects together. The name is A Beadtiful Thing and they are on Montgomery Road, in Aurora IL.

There are a few restaurants that we found, but our favorite is Grandma's Table on Douglas Road, right in Montgomery. Grandma's is actually the one we have been to the most. Great food, great people, great atmostphere. This is one that is also very close to home and right in the heart of the shopping areas that we frequent. The chicken noodle soup is fantastic, and they serve it every day along with a daily soup. Another of my favorite dishes is Grandma's Pot Roast. Tastes like my mother is in their kitchen! And the Atkins cheesecake is to die for! Sugar free but you would never know it, and with a hint of cinnamon. yummmmmyyyyy

We have Dunkin Donuts nearby, the Post Office is only a half mile away, and banks convenient no matter which way we go.

Now all I have to do is find a pizza place and a Chinese restaurant that compares to the ones we frequented when we lived in Lockport.

Our Park District has three fitness centers but haven't had a chance to go check them out. The online info about them looks very promising tho, and one has 3 pools in its aquatic center. Probably going to need a membership at one of them really soon since we are finding all these great food places to eat at!

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