Monday, July 13, 2009

Learning To Live With Teenagers - Temporarily

So begins the two week adventure with a pair of giggly teenage girls.

We went to Missouri over the weekend to pickup the two oldest grandkids, two girls, ages 12 and 15. Both very bright and excelling very well in school.

Music, clothes, and boys are the topic of conversation most times, along with what's in the fridge.

What do teenage girls like to do with their time when they are away from home and friends?
Grandpa has some activities in mind for them, mostly helping him. He still has a few things to move from the old house, not heavy but a lot. His tool collection, some small boxes, etc. The girls can help him with that. But it isn't going to be all work. There are a few ideas we discussed on the way home, such as a visit to the library. Both of them are into Harry Potter and mysteries. Then there is the aquatic center, miniature golf, underground gardens, and just seeing the scenery.

On the weekend we will go visit with great-grandma and the cousins that are here (my family). They haven't met all of them yet since the last time we had them up here was about 9 years ago and my brother was on a camping trip with his kids at the time.

Then there is always a visit to Uncle Brian, and meeting his dog Harley, the dachshund.
The cat didn't seem too interested in them when they got here last night, except when Jen sat down at my computer. Missy seemed to think that was an invitation so she proceeded to walk across the desk, on the keyboard, and sit on the mouse, just as she does when I am there. I guess that's what she thinks is proper online etiquette?

We will also be taking a walk each night after dinner (weather permitting). Wait til they find out the walk also takes us thru an old cemetery!

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