Wednesday, July 1, 2009


WOW! I have more logins and passwords that I can remember in one sitting. Now I'm connected another way, via Facebook and Etsy. Yes, Etsy now has a feature that allows you to send your feed to your Facebook, so when you list a new item, or "heart" an item, it will give you the option of having the action show up on your Facebook wall. I also have Twitter that feeds to Facebook, and my blog automatically updates my Twitter which updates my Facebook whenever I post a new blog. You'll see that in action if you go to my Twitter or my Facebook after reading this and it will also show up there with a link back here.

Now if only all these places where I have a login would email me every week to remind me that they are there. I think I have things that I forgot about. Who knows. If you happen to see my presence somewhere, drop me a line and let me know where. Kind of like playing Where's Waldo, only this time it's Here's Karen! LOL

Now to make a new list of logins and passwords since the one I had is out of date. Besides, I can't find it since the move, probably because I put it somewhere for safekeeping. But where? Probably in one of those other accounts that I forgot I have!

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