Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Mirror Has A Reflection...

I know what it feels like to be invisible...sitting in a room full of people...I can see them, they don't see me.  
Everyone is talking to everyone else.  
I try to join in, I am looked...over...through....or not at all.  
My questions go comments are not suggestions are ignored.
I always try to be friendly, some don't even return a smile or a simple "hello".
Many have parties...pot lucks...get-togethers
But to invite me, nobody bothers.

It hurts...not just me but my husband, my best friend, my partner in life.
We aren't rich or beautiful.  On the outside.
We don't live in a fancy house, drive fancy cars, or wear all the latest fashions.
We live life...enjoy every day we have...not to impress anyone.
We don't belong to a country club...go to the opera...take fancy vacations.
Our choice.

We have each other and that is all we need.
Perhaps those looking into our lives from the outside are intimidated by this.
Some people seem to need the company of others to feel successful, or happy.
We have ourselves and our family.  Simple pleasures bring us the most joy.
Some people seem to need others around to see what they do...what they wear...where they go.
Shallow impressions for insincere admiration.

We appreciate ourselves...what we do...where we go...what we have...for each other.
Nobody gave it to us...nobody can take it away. 

We are the masters of our own happiness...destiny...success.

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