Monday, September 28, 2015

A New Milestone Reached

OK, I turned 60!

The weekend started out as any other weekend.  Got home from work, hurried to pack and get things in the truck, then off to camp for the weekend.

We pulled up to our site and it was dark.  I thought it seemed like things were a little different, but I was very tired and my eyes were playing tricks on me...or so I thought.  When I got into the trailer and turned on the lights I saw all the decorations.  Our friends at camp decorated the deck, canopy poles, and golf cart with streamers, banners and black roses in a vase with a black tablecloth on our table on the deck.  They even decorated the golf cart!

We had a great time at camp, I went for a massage and when I got back to our neighbors place, there were about 30 people there for a birthday party for me!  We had burgs, dogs, salads, and other goodies and some awesome smoothies (the adult kind).  We partied all day and all night.  The dance that night was a lot of fun, I had many dance partners!!

We left Sunday for my mom's to celebrate with family.  I didn't know that everyone was going to be there.  I walked in and heard "SURPRISE!".  My mom, sister, son, daughter-in-law, brother and his family were all there.  I got some great gifts, and my son and daughter-in-law had too much fun with what they gave me.  It was a large box covered in duct tape.  Then inside there was another package covered with duct tape.  Inside that was a purse filled with wrapped gifts.  It took me a while to get all of it open but it was a lot of fun!

Now I am back to the daily grind, trying to recover from a very full weekend.  I think I need a vacation to recover!  I never had a surprise party, and this weekend I had TWO!

I am very lucky to have family and friends like that!

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